Ranch Update - Why you should never get attached to a cow

Ranch Update - Why you should never get attached to a cow

This is why you should never get attached to a cow…I have always wanted a blue cow, they are not common in a beef herd. However, with short horns being apart of the Beefmaster cow genetics, they can occasionally happen. 

This heifer is the closest thing to a blue cow that I will likely get. So, I have been eagerly awaiting her calf’s arrival. She is the last one in the herd to calf, which already had her at a disadvantage in Camerons head. I needed everything else to go smoothly with her so she could stay in the herd. 

Well…this morning while I was helping Cameron pull a couple steers that had escaped to the wrong pasture. I found this heifer with a front foot hanging out and looked like she was not making much progress. 

I would like to say here that we hardly ever see our cows calf. We stay hands off and let the cows do their thing. So, to even come across a cow/heifer calving is rare for us because we aren’t looking for it. 

We are trying to raise a herd of cows that don’t need constant attention and expensive inputs because that is how cows are meant to be. 

Now, because we had to get this heifer in to pull her calf, she will have to be sold in the fall and there goes my blue cow. And once again, the reason you should never get attached to a cow. If I hadn’t been attached, she probably wouldn’t have had any issues. So, next time I try and like a cow I am going to stop myself ha! 

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