Timber Raised Ground Sausage

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This sausage comes in 1 lb vacuum sealed flat packages for quick un thaw time and easy storage! We have 3 delicious flavors of sausage, Mild which makes a great breakfast sausage, Hot that is not very hot and also great for breakfast, and Italian that is perfect for pizza, spaghetti or any of your favorite Italian dishes! Enjoy the flavor that being raised in the timber and fed quality Non-GMO feed does for this wonderful pork! 

CJW pork is the best pork you have ever had! Our rich Missouri timber provides the pigs with a lifestyle like none other! The trees and brush provide them with nuts, roots, and grubs. The hills give them exercise to increase their muscle. While the valleys provide natural water holes for them to lay around and roll in. Our rotational system keeps them naturally healthy and thriving while clearing out the trees so grass can grow when they move on to the next pasture.

CJW Timber Raised Pork is: 

  1. Regenerating our trees with rotational pastures
  2. Live in a natural rich environment
  3. Non-GMO
  4. No antibiotics, hormones, or vaccines
  5. Small craft USDA butcher
  6. Vac sealed packaging