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Dry Aged Ground Beef to step up your go to easy dinners! It is a staple in our household for all things, tacos, lasagna, spaghetti, casseroles, dips, stir frys, burgers and so much more! Experience the difference Dry Aging for 21-28 days does for the flavor of this meat!

Now you never have to worry about running out of this dinner staple! By subscribing you will recieve a box every 30, 60, or 90 days without having to worry about it! You are also under no obligation and can skip or cancel anytime you need too.

 *We can also do all or some Sausage of your choice, just let us know! 

FAQ about Ranch Club

  1. What if I need to skip a box?

There is a customer portal that you can manage your subscription anytime to pause, change or cancel your box. We are also happy to hold a box for you if your out of town when it is due.

  1. How is it shipped?

We ship all our boxes in curbside recyclable insulated boxes with dry ice to keep the product frozen. We ship UPS and boxes will arrive 24-48 hours after we ship.

  1. Can I change the size, frequency, or type of box?

You can change anything about your box at anytime!

  1. Can I order for local/famers market pick up?

Yes! We deliver locally to Lamar MO.

  1. When will my box ship?

Your box will ship the first Monday following billing. You will receive an email a week before your card is charged if you need to change anything about your order.


CJW beef allows you to have your cake and eat it too. Our beef are regenerative pasture raised, grass-fed and finished with supplemental feeding of local Non-GMO corn and alfalfa six months prior to harvest. It is what gives them the incredible flavor and tenderness our Dry Aged Beef is known for!

CJW Dry Aged Beef is:

  1. Regenerating our pastures with rotational grazing
  2. 100% raised by us
  3. Extended Dry Aged of 21 days! (Even our Ground Beef)
  4. Non-GMO
  5. No antibiotics, hormones, or vaccines
  6. Small craft USDA butcher
  7. Vac sealed packaging

CJW pork is the best pork you have ever had! Our rich Missouri timber provides the pigs with a lifestyle like none other! The trees and brush provide them with nuts, roots, and grubs. The hills give them exercise to increase their muscle. While the valleys provide natural water holes for them to lay around and roll in. Our rotational system keeps them naturally healthy and thriving while clearing out the trees so grass can grow when they move on to the next pasture.

CJW Timber Raised Pork is: 

  1. Regenerating our trees with rotational pastures
  2. Live in a natural rich environment
  3. Non-GMO
  4. No antibiotics, hormones, or vaccines
  5. Small craft USDA butcher
  6. Vac sealed packaging