About Our Product


We are very passionate about raising and harvesting the best beef possible! Our beef is Dry-Aged for 21-28 days to ensure the best flavor! Through modern technology we are able to DNA test our cattle and learn which ones will provide that for our customers.  We are working on building the best genetics of nice tender delicious meat! Our research and experimenting on our own family beef has led us to finish our beef on alfalfa and NON GMO corn. Cattle are herbivores so a diet of pure corn is not natural for them, the alfalfa helps balance their diet and gives them a delicious flavor along with the corn.



Our pigs are raised in the expansive timber that we have here in SW Missouri.  They enjoy shade, little creeks that run through the hillsides, and the sweet hickory nuts that fall off the trees. To keep them from rutting up one place too much we move the pigs through different pens, this also gives them fresh forage to enjoy. We feed them NON GMO mixed feed to ensure a consistent, delicious flavor for your plate!




After learning about how commercial chicken is raised and processed we simply could not buy chicken anymore.  So we did some research on alternative ways to raise chicken, and we learned about how to raise them in the pasture! This is a wonderful model for the chicken, the rancher, and the pastures!  We use a Joel Salatin style “chicken tractor” that we move once a day when the chicks are small and twice a day when they get bigger.  The moves allow them to have fresh green grass and clean ground too lounge in.  We also feed them NON GMO feed that is antibiotic free.