Our Story

Cameron grew up on a cattle ranch in Mexico shoeing the ranches horses, I grew up with my parents shoeing horses and we had cattle. Very big differences there, Cameron’s family needed the cattle to provide a living, my family just had the cattle for a hobby, and for my brother and I to rope. 

This dream we have of providing quality, healthy meat straight from our ranch to our customers all started with Cameron’s love of cattle. That love runs deep for him, his Great Grandparents and Grandparents ranched in Mexico and his Dad did as well. Currently one of his brothers has taken over the family Ranch, The Alamito in Mexico.

We started our own herd in 2016 with some heifers my parents gave us, and a registered bull named Love Dr that we bought. For the next couple years, we were just building our herd up and buying some land. Really just finding our footing and learning more about running a business and land stewardship with rotational grazing and working to build up our soil.

Somewhere along the way we heard about raising chickens on pasture and the benefits it has for the soil and how much better the meat is than from the store. The original idea was to just raise some for us and family, but when the recommended chickens for 1 chicken tractor was 75, we decided to offer some for sell. 

Then once we started learning more and more about regenerative practices, we met people who were selling beef, pork and chicken direct to the consumer and we seen the opportunity to do the same. We have a land we wanted to improve and the best way to do that was to diversify the animals on the rotation.

We are the definition of a small business, it is just Cameron, me and our 2 kids, Serina 2 and Ady 9 months. So anytime you contact us or order from us, we are doing it all. Raising the animals, working on the ranch, building the website, writing the blogs, sending the emails, whatever needs done, we are the ones are doing it.

Currently we still shoe horses to support this dream of ours but we hope in 3-5 years to be able to be on the ranch full time, because having pigs, chickens, and cattle is a full-time job in itself. But getting to hear how much our customers enjoy the taste and quality of our meat makes all the extra work and effort worth it a 1000x over.

 We are not your typical faceless company. We are the Whettens and we invite you to get to know us and to buy your meat from us. When you buy from us you get to really know where your meat comes from and how it was raised, what it was fed, and how much it was loved. Everyday I share our lives on the ranch on social media as a way to connect with you and give you the opportunity to really connect with where your meat comes from.