Why CJW Meats

Why Us


Our mission is to raise and provide the best possible meat for our customers, to improve the land that God has provided us with through our management choices, and to connect with people that want to know where the food they are feeding their family comes from. 

CJW Pino Ranch is more than just a small ranch and job to us.  It is a way of life, and the way we want to raise our children.  Seeing how Serina loves to feed and take care of the animals even at such a young age brings us so much joy and makes us all the more determined to keep the ranch alive. 


  1. We work hard everyday to enhance the quality of life our animals live here on the ranch. We believe in respecting the animals’ natural instincts and do everything we can to manage them as nature intended.  
  2. We strive to make sure that what you feed your family is clean and delicious! We believe that “we are what we eat” and also that it matters what our food is being fed. Our meat is free from hormones and antibiotics that are commonly used.
  3. We go the extra mile of dry-aging our beef to ensure superior flavor and tenderness, this is not a common practice as it takes 21-28 days to be achieved. However we believe it is worth the extra effort and time.
  4. You can trust that when you buy from us that you are getting the best quality meats!