Just a Few Thoughts

Just a Few Thoughts

Back on the subject of regenerative agriculture. One thing that bothers us about buying non-gmo corn or corn of any kind is that it is often planted as a monoculture. Which is the opposite of what regenerative agriculture is. So, our hopes one day, are to be able to plant our own regenerative corn for all our animals!

This would mean planting corn in wide rows with other plants around it. Much like the Mayans did many years ago. The polyculture planting means that more microorganisms will survive in the soil and help the corn grow and be healthy. Also, it would be planted in cover crops in the off season that our animals would graze, adding fertility and organic matter to the soil. This picture of Serina and the sunflower are in a pasture we planted a cover crop in this spring. I would love more fields like this one! 

This is going to be quite the experiment for us because we are not farmers. We can hardly keep a garden alive! So, it is not going to be something to happen overnight. We have a lot of research and learning to do before we get down to planting anything.

Something that we also often talk about is having a restaurant of some kind. Most likely it will be a reservation only restaurant and only open a couple nights a week. We just think it would be cool to open the ranch for people to see more of where their food comes from and really enjoy the ranching atmosphere. Which, to be honest, a restaurant is more Cameron’s dream than mine. I am scared away from it because of the horror stories told about the struggles of restaurants!

I would rather plant corn and pray for rain haha!  

I do know it is important to diversify incomes when working for yourself. Really there are dozens of ways to do that these days. Which way we will go with it? I have no idea. I just know that we pray that we go down the path God has for us. That He will put us where He wants us, where we can do the best for His kingdom.

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