• Little Update on the Ranch

    The beautiful spring weather has us hopping around like crazy people!

    Cameron had a birthday this week, he is now 30 and I get to give him a hard time about being old 😊

  • Big Step Forward for Us!

    We have some exciting new boxes with insulated liners that I wanted to share with you all.
  • Why We Calf 1-2 Months Later Than Our Neighbors

    Many ranchers and farmers all over the world like to put their bulls in with their momma cows for a set number of days, a set time of the year. The time of year differs for each operation based on a series of factors.  
  • Smoked Timber Raised Pork Spare Ribs

    These are Cameron famous smoked ribs, he learned how to do these when he lived in Utah. These were the first thing I think Cameron ever made for me. Everyone in the neighborhood loves them. They are very simple and delicious!
  • Spring is in the Air

    Birds are chirping, grass is greening, and everyone has a spring in their step.

    This can only mean one thing, spring in arriving!

    I love this season for so many reasons, one of them being the rebirth of the grass and watching the landscape change from brown to beautiful green! Our cows begin calving, the horses start acting a little friskier and the dogs run around and play all day long.

  • The Why and How to Make Pork Lard

    Raising pigs outside like we do has many benefits for the meat and the fat that we turn into lard.  One of the main benefits is the increase in Vitamin D.
  • What a Pigs Tail Can Tell Us

    What I have learned through a little research about what a pigs tail can tell us
  • 5 Reasons To Use Cast Iron Pans

     I was having a conversation with someone about cooking pans and I mentioned I only cook with cast iron.  The response I got was “gosh that is a lot of work”, well that made me think about it for a minute. 
  • What to do when things do not go as planned?

    The old Yiddish proverb of “We plan, God laughs” certainly seems to be a theme in my life.  Which is interesting because I really LOVE having a plan. Just ask Cameron, I drive him crazy with the need for a daily plan.  Good thing that he loves me and puts up with me!
  • Knowing What Is In Your Food

    I had someone recently ask me why I am so obsessed with knowing what is in my food and where it comes from.
  • 2021 Goals

    Did you set a goal to eat healthier in 2021?

    If you did, don’t let anyone tell you that isn’t a worthy goal. Because it is a great goal! Some people will tell you just because it is a hard goal in todays society that you shouldn’t even try. I disagree!

  • Aunt Velma's Stuff

    Aunt Velma,s Stuff

    This might sound like a weird name, and it is...but it is pretty much the only casserole my hubby will eat. So you know it is good stuff! It is also a super easy supper to throw together last minute.

    There is probably another name for it somewhere but this is what my family has called it.  This recipe comes from my moms side of the family.  I have modified it slightly and it is a regular at our house.