A few of the benefits for signing up for Ranch Club

A few of the benefits for signing up for Ranch Club

The top 5 benefits of signing up for Ranch Club Subscription

  1. Peace of mind.

With the Ranch Club subscription, you are the very first to get meat each month after we restock so you are guaranteed meat every 30, 60, or 90 days! No leftovers for you!  This may not be #1 for some people but for me, the peace of mind knowing my freezer is full of wonderful, healthy meat to feed my family is a HUGH benefit. Especially in this crazy food chain supply issue world we are currently living in.


  1. Peace of heart.

Your heart can be happy because it will know the meat you receive with each package has been raised with care by us, your personal rancher. This knowledge leads to the most amazing eating experience and joy!


  1. Peace of soul.

By choosing us as your personal ranchers you get to have a unique advantage to know everything about your food. Without all the things that comes with raising your own meat. You get to know the animals were fed NON-GMO feed, never given antibiotics or growth hormones, and raised in their natural environments. Happy, fresh air, sunshine, and green grass. The recipe for the best meat around!


  1. Peace of tummy.

With the unknown, there is and can be a lot of things added to your meat from the store. Not including what they may or may not be fed. Some of these things can cause or increase stomach issues. You will not have that problem with us because you know what is in your meat!


  1. Peace to your whole being.

This connection to what you put on your dinner table brings peace to your whole being. It brings a whole new experience beyond the amazing taste of the meat on your plate. If you allow it and think about it for just a minute, you are not simply what you eat, but you are what your food eats. Like how we are often a reflection of who we are around, our meat is also a reflection of their surroundings. So, it is just as important, in not more so, where and how an animal is raised. Through us, you get to know that information to the tiniest of details!


We want you to experience the comfort and satisfaction that we get to enjoy every day with the connection we have to our food. That is why we started this business and one of the reasons we started Ranch Club. With every meal you cook with our meat it is like you are here on the ranch with us getting to personally connect with the land and animals God has blessed us with. We thank you for choosing us as your personal ranchers!

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