Ask Your Rancher Part 5

Ask Your Rancher Part 5

Question: What shots do your animals get? 

Answer: We don’t give our animals any shots! This is something I feel very passionate about. It is common practice to give all animals all sorts of vaccines and antibiotics to keep them “healthy” and prevent any death. Yet, there will still be some death and the animals that didn’t need anything will have to eliminate the toxins that come with such shots. 

We try and live a very low toxic life. On our farm we don’t spray chemicals, we don’t use chemical fertilizers. In our house, we clean with vinegar and baking soda. Our shampoo, conditioner, and soap are clean ingredients only. Even our deodorant is only simple ingredients. There is absolutely zero fragrances in my house because of the chemicals in them and how they are endocrine disruptors aka mess with your bodies hormones and all the issues that come with that. We eat 95% home cooked and from scratch, very SIMPLE meals. And we have house plants to purify our air, and we have a Air Dr filter. 

The reason I am telling you this is, even with ALL of these things, we are still overly burdened with toxins. They are simply EVERYWHERE! Just a couple weeks ago I went outside and smelled glyphosate, and when I drove down the road to go to the greenhouse, I found where a farmer was spraying it, 2miles away from my house! There is simply no escaping toxins in 2024 America, the government has allowed them into everything. Vaccines included. 

This toxic burden is also on the animals that are raised today. So, how effectively can they detox all the toxins they are exposed to? I don’t really know. That is why we control what we can and don’t expose them to any through Vaccines, antibiotics, hormones, chemical sprayed pastures, or dry lot feeding. Plants are Gods perfect purifiers, that is why we are so adamant our animals are always on grass or surrounded by trees. When animals are raised right, they are naturally healthy and don’t need the extra toxin exposure of shots. 

So, what can we do for ourselves? 

We can limit toxins where we can, like with cleaning products, beauty products, read ingredients (if you can’t pronounce it, avoid it, is my rule or google it), knowing about your food source, and supporting your bodies ability to detox toxins.

A few ways our body detoxes toxins are through sweat, bowel movements, and your lymphatic system. 

I have done a lot of research on this stuff and continue to learn more everyday about it, if you have any questions, please feel free to email me I am happy to share any resources I have to help you live a healthier life! 

With the rate of both mental and physical illnesses today, we need this information more than ever! 

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