The difference of Regenerative Agriculture

The difference of Regenerative Agriculture

This picture above is from this morning. 

We got a call from our Sister in law, that is also our neighbor to some of our land, she told us some black calves were on our land and she didn’t think they were ours because she knew we were resting that pasture, so no cattle should have been on there. 

Well, we go over and sure enough, there is 10 head of the neighbors yearling feeder steers on us. Now, you see that land on the left that has no grass? That is where they came from, I mean I don’t blame them for coming to our grass! 

I wanted to share this with you today because this is the difference in regenerative agriculture and commercial/conventional agriculture. 

On the left there is a herd of black steers that belongs to a stockyard south of us, and our neighbor gets paid to keep them on his land and feed them for however many days they agree upon. Right now, the steers look to be about 800-900lbs. 

As you can see, in the picture they let the cattle graze the land down to next to nothing. They are also feeding them some kind of feed everyday. But, they would still prefer the lush green grass on our side. Unfortunately, yearling cattle like this don’t respect fences much, but they wouldn’t be on our side if we didn’t sacrifice and work to keep grass growing and covering the earth.

Once the cattle are done at this place, the cattle will likely go to a full on dirt feedlot until they are 1400-1600lbs before getting processed. 

We are always finding dead carcasses on their side of the fence, despite the use of antibiotics and medications used in these types of operations. 

This all plays a role in the health of Americans that will go on to eat these animals that are not naturally healthy. They are not fed the nutrients they need, only fed and offered the cheapest feed and land that is available. Then when they get sick from lack of nutrients and living in dirt lots, they are given medications to keep them alive just long enough to get turned into burger. 

This is why we are doing what we are doing! Naturally healthy animals, fed a diverse diet, never given any shots, and kept in natural habitats, will keep you healthy. Which will save you money and heartache that comes with being sick all the time. 

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