Ask your Ranchers Part 1

Ask your Ranchers Part 1

Question: How do I save money in other areas to be able to afford quality meat? 

Our Answer: Wow do I love your guys questions! If you ever have a new one, just respond to one of my emails cause I seriously love this! 

Okay, so my parents did a great job teaching me about saving money and money management. Camerons…not so much. So, we have had lots of conversations about this. And just this year Cameron has really gotten on board with saving money, well more of conscious consuming I would call it. Our joke this year has been “I would like (insert something), but not this month!” 

What we have done the last 2 months has saved us $1-2k a month! 

1. We have stopped buying junk on Amazon…we still have Amazon because some essential farm stuff is cheaper on there then anywhere else. But I wouldn’t complain if we stopped all together. 

2. We don’t eat out but maybe 1x every 3-4weeks. The average American spends 10% of their yearly income on eating out! If you make $30k a year, that’s $3k and the food you get in return is not helping your health. Which makes you spend more money on medications and drs. So its a double savings to cook at home!

3. We have stopped watching TV and cancelled all subscriptions for shows. This was only about $20/mo for us. But still…that’s at least 2 homemade meals for our family of 5. 

4. We don’t buy snacks from the store and we eat as seasonally and locally as we can. For us that means not fresh berries in the middle of winter. We buy bulk frozen ones from Costco. 

Last thing I will say…what I have noticed from these changes is that even when I was buying stuff from Amazon on the regular…I still always thought I needed something else. So, now that I am not buying stuff, there’s really nothing different and I find ways to use what I have. 

Hope that helps! Do you have any other money saving tips to share? I think we could all use help this year with inflation as it is!

Ready to get started saving money and cooking at home? 

It might seem overwhelming to cook at home every night, but its really quite simple when you have meat in your freezer ready and waiting for you! 

Here’s what to do: 
1. Pick your protein and thaw it 
2. Make something simple! If you need a recipe, text me at 417-682-1461 and I will send you one! For whatever cut of meat! 
3. Makes some potatoes for a side, or your favorite veggie! 
4. DONE! Enjoy! Make enough for left overs and you have 2 meals for the time of 1
Here is a great bundle to help you get started! We ship on Mondays! 
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