Health Journey Continues

Health Journey Continues

You all know how much I am into living a healthy life, this healthy journey I am on, started in true form after Serina was born. Might be a typically reaction to having a baby, but maybe that is how it is supposed to be. Just maybe that is part of the blessing that God gives us, when we have children.

I have to share with you my latest finding…and maybe its not new to you, its not entirely new to me. I have heard about it before, but I had kinda wrote it off. Until now.

Circadian Rhythm! It is equal parts simple and complicated. The simplicity of it, is actually why I wrote it off for so long. The complexity of it is what they call quantum biology. I am not an expert by no means. I will refer you to Carrie B. Wellness for the science and true education. 

I just want to share my thoughts on what I have learned from her and what Cameron and I have experienced in only 1 week of implementing (imperfectly) some of the tips Carrie shares for free in her newsletter. 

The basic principle with your circadian rhythm is that your body has a natural 24hr clock and it runs based off the light that you see through your eyes. In a unmodernized world, this light comes perfectly from the sun. In our modern world, the lights we take in are disrupted by artificial light. This is the killer to your circadian rhythm. When your internal clock should be winding down for the day, it is bombarded with the bright blue lights of phones, TVs, LED lights, etc. and it throws off your internal clock to think it is middle of the day. 

This can cause so many imbalances and issues in your body’s ability to rest and repair as it should at night and for the what and when your hormones are released. 

When I finally listened to Carrie on Amanda Montalvo podcast “Are You Menstrual?” Right after a friend of my shared that she got blue light blocking glasses. Everything started to make more sense. I think God brings you the information you need, when you need it, and when you are ready to listen to it. 

So, for the last week Cameron and I have stoped turning on the lights in our house, we have been eating, and living with what natural light we can get inside and with candles and kerosene lanterns. We have stop watching TV, stop scrolling our phones, and changed the lighting on our phones to be red. You can find instructions here to do that if you like for iPhone.

Cameron has suffered with eczema for the past few months and we have tried all kinds of things to help, and a lot things help a little, but nothing has really cleared it up. But after 3 days of imperfect implementation of 1. Morning light, 2. No house lights/electronics at night and 3. Going to bed before 10pm. He finally got a little relief, then we went roping under artificial lights and it flared up again. Crazy right!? 

For me, I have noticed better energy, even after being awake with Brynlee multiple times a night, and I am hoping it helps with some weight loss and hormone balancing. I will keep you updated! 

For the kids, they are going to sleep earlier and easier then ever before! And they really love eating and playing games by candle and lantern lights. 

I will say that candles and lanterns are fun, but not really a long term solution. We are getting some blue light blocking glasses and a few blue light blocking light bulbs to start and see what other changes we experience! 

I just think that nature has it so right and somewhere along the way with modern technology we have lost what God provided us with in perfect balance. And now we have so much modern technology, it is able to tell us how perfect nature had it. 

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I found your blog very interesting.
Thank you for sharing your heart .
I need to do my homework on this topic.
Keep me posted.

Jeff Smith

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