How is your dry aged beef raised and finished?

They are born on our ranch and live their whole lives on pasture. At 6-8 months we wean them from the momma cows and move them to their own pasture where they continue to grow. About 3-4 months before processing, we bring to a closer to pasture to the house and feed them alfalfa and non-GMO corn to give them flavor and marbling. They also have grass, prairie hay, minerals, and salt on free choice.

How long are they dry aged?

They are aged for a minimum of 21 days for perfect flavor and tenderness.

What breed of cattle do you raise?

We have Angus and Beefmaster cows with Angus bulls.

What is Timber Raised Pork?

 We coined this term for our pigs that we raise in our Missouri timber aka as trees. We buy them at around 40lbs and train them to hotwire in a pen by the house then move them to the timber after about a week. From then on to processing, we rotate them through the timber as they always have fresh land to get nuts, roots, and grubs from.

What breed are your pigs?

They are ½ to ¾ Berkshire and a mix of Old Spot and Duroc. We were very fortunate to meet an older gentleman who has been raising pigs for many, many years and has far more knowledge of pig genetics than we do. We have always been super impressed with the amount of meat in the bacon and marbling in the pork chops!

What do your pigs eat?

Besides their natural diet of what they find in the trees we supplement with a non-GMO feed recommended by our nutritionist. They never receive any scraps to ensure they have a consistent flavor and healthy diet.

What is Green Grass Chicken?

Like the pigs, it the name we came up with for our chickens that we raise on the green pastures in chicken tractors. We only raise them in the spring and fall when there is enough green grass to guarantee, they always have access to bug activity that comes with it.

What do your chickens eat?

They get moved to fresh grass everyday and take full advantage of the clover and bugs that our pastures are rich in. They are also supplemented with a non-GMO feed recommended by the nutritionist to keep them healthy.

Do any of your animals receive hormones or antibiotics?

No, none of our meat animals are ever given hormones or antibiotics. We believe in keeping them healthy with fresh air and the best nutrition.  

How can I get your meat in my freezer?

We have a few options for you based on where you are located! We ship meat nationwide through UPS, if you are within a few hours of Joplin, we send it UPS ground and it will arrive in 24-48hrs. Or if you are further, we send it 2-day air. It will arrive frozen or mostly frozen within the 48hr range. Each box gets 5lb of dry ice and is packed in a recyclable insulated box.  

If you are in the Lamar, Nevada, Carthage, Joplin area we can arrange delivery. Also, we have a freezer at Sunny Gardens Greenhouse east of Lamar right off Hwy 160.

We also attend the Greater Springfield Farmers Market every Saturday from April-October from 8-12. From November-March we go every other Saturday. To stay in touch with that routine sign up for our email newsletter and let me know you are interested in our Market information.

Do you sell halves and wholes?

Yes, we do sell beef and pork halves and wholes. It is not available for shipping but if you are interested in prices and more information contact me at jacquelyn@cjwpinoranch.net

Where can I learn more about you and your story?

I share everything that we do on the ranch on our social media pages @cjwpinoranch on Instagram and CJW Pino Ranch on Facebook. I also update the blog regularly and send emails weekly with what is happening around here, so be sure you are signed up for that!

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