Gobble Gobble! Regenerative Pasture Raised Turkeys

Gobble Gobble! Regenerative Pasture Raised Turkeys

Turkeys are growing great out in the pasture in their fancy turkey mobile Cameron and James built last year. We move them as needed, meaning, we move them when they have ate all the goodies of the area and sufficiently fertilized the ground for us. Which at the size they are and with the extra large pen they have, is about once a week right now. As they get bigger we will move them more. 

Their litter is a hot commodity in the regenerative agriculture world, it is rich in the nutrients the soil needs to thrive. It is incredible to see where the turkeys were come spring when all the nutrients are put to work. 

It is very important to us that they have access to plenty of grass and bugs that they love. Also that they are on clean ground to keep them healthy. It is no surprise that if an animal lives in their own litter, they wont be very healthy. 

We have had a little struggle with hawks this year! We went down one day to see a hawk in the Hotwire eating on a turkey, this is the first real issue we have had with any predators. We knew something was wrong became the turkeys usually come running at us when we drive down and they were all cuddled up under their shelter. So cuddled up that I actually asked what happened to all the turkeys! Luckily it was only 1 turkey and the others were safe under the shelter. We might have lost one more since then…they are hard to count, but one day there were feathers where their shouldn’t have been. 

So we have been doing extra patrols on the turkeys and the chicks as they are down there with them now. Also, we feed our guard dog Prince down there and we know he is down there a lot checking on things. It is making Cameron want to get a guard goose though, not yet decided if we are going too or not.

There is certainly more risk, work, and cost to raising our regenerative pasture raised NON-GMO turkeys. However, it is 100% worth it! The difference it makes in the flavor of the turkey for your family and friends Thanksgiving is something you have to experience to believe! 

We are taking pre orders now so you can know your turkey is reserved for your special holiday gathering!

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