How important quality meat is for your health!

How important quality meat is for your health!

The reason quality meat is more expensive is because it takes more inputs than commercial grown. The truth is though, that if commercial operations tried to raise animals like we do, their prices would be just as high, if not higher. The reason they can produce it so cheap is because they cut out the quality for the quantity. I wouldn’t be surprised if commercial companies have a higher profit margin than we do. 

The question you need to ask yourself is, is the few dollars savings here and there worth the cost on your health? Your health is directly correlated with what you fuel your body with. The more you deplete it, the sicker you will become. There is evidence to support this all around us, why is the Americans health on the decline despite all the medical advances? 



It comes cheap, it comes fast, it comes expensive, it can be art, it can be crap.

We all need it to fuel out bodies. Yet the bare minimum of it can keep us alive. It takes the best of it to help us thrive. 

Once upon a time it is where we got all the vitamins, minerals and macronutrients our bodies need to run optimally. 

Now? Soils are depleted of the nutrients we need, making the crops depleted, making us depleted. What is grown in the fields with all the chemical fertilizers and sprays that make it look impressive, are actually shells of what it once was. 

Then it is harvested and fed to the commercial animals, turning one of the most nutrient dense foods we have available (animal protein) into crap because the animal doesn’t get the nutrients that the crop didn’t have. 

It’s this huge system that starts with the soil and ends with us. 

It is vitally important if you wish to live a healthy life that you know where your food comes from, what it was fed, what shots it was given and how it was raised. 

Don’t trust the packaging, the fancy labels. Research the brands doing the selling, and if they are not transparent? Don’t buy.

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