The Easiest Turkey Recipe Ever!

The Easiest Turkey Recipe Ever!

Well, I have finally cooked my first turkey! Some might think that it is way past time, and some might understand that I have simply never had to cook a turkey before. Either way, I did cook one and it turned out amazing!

I didn’t cook it the traditional way…I spatchcocked it and smoked it because that seemed the easiest and my best shot as success. And it was a success! So, I thought I would share the simple recipe I did.

  1. Remove the giblets bag from inside the turkey.
  2. With a sharp knife or kitchen scissors cut out the backbone. I find it easiest to cut the joint between the thigh at backbone. (Keep the backbone and make some amazing broth with it!)
  3. Then lay the turkey as flat as you can get it with the skin side up.
  4. You will then push down on the breastbone to get the turkey to lay flat. Being short like I am, I did have to get a chair and stand above the counter to get enough pressure. The turkeys were certainly healthy and grew nice strong nutritious bones!
  5. Then I generously add salt, pepper, and Italian seasoning to both sides of the turkey.
  6. We smoked it at 180F for 4 hrs then turned the temp up to 225F for another 2 hrs until the breast was at 165F.

We have more of these amazing turkeys available if you’re looking for one for Christmas. Or even if you just love turkey, they are the perfect size to not overwhelm you with leftovers!

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