What are the different Pork Chops?

What are the different Pork Chops?

Something interesting that I never knew before we started selling meat was that there are different cuts of pork chops. Growing up my Mom would only buy pork chops boneless and only occasionally. Then when we started getting a pig from the neighbor that did the processing themselves, and I asked if could get some pork chops they didn’t know what I was talking about. They just grind everything but the bacon, even on a beef, they grind all the steaks! We give them a hard time about it now that we know. 

So, needless to say I was rather uneducated when it came to pork and the different cuts that are offered. Cameron was also uneducated because his Dad hated pork so they never ate it. Good thing that there is nothing like jumping into something to lead to an education! 

Raising pigs is one of the many times I can say that not knowing much led to us doing it because “it can’t be that hard” ahh the bliss of the ignorant! 

Anyways, when we started getting pork back from the processors and not all the pork chops looked the same I was curious so I did a little research, (thank goodness for google) and found out what the different cuts are. 

There are 2 types of pork chops that we get back.

  1. Rib Chop 

 Can also be called the center-cut rib chop. It is a large eye of the loin mean and no tenderloin attached to it. The bone is just the curve of the rib. 

The meat is very tender and packs a huge punch of flavor. Our preferred method of cooking is to season with salt, Italian seasoning and the grill for about 5-7 min per side at 350. Like a good steak you don’t want to over cook a pork chop. 

2.    Loin Chop 

Also know as a porterhouse loin chop or a center loin chop. It is characterized by the bone being a T-shape and also by having a piece of the tenderloin attached that will be a darker color. We like to cook these the same way as a Rib Chop, some say they are harder to cook because the 2 different meats, but I have yet to mess up the tenderloin side as long as I don’t over cook the loin side. 

There are other types of pork chops that we don’t currently get back from the processor so I still don’t know a lot about them, and they are. 

  1. Shoulder chop 
  2. Boneless chop 
  3. Sirloin chop 

What is your favorite type of pork chop? 

I have to say I love the Loin Chops, hard to beat that tasty bit of tenderloin! Though I usually end up giving it to the kids.

When we sell a pack of pork chops that is 2 chops per pack we don’t differentiate between the Loin and Rib Chop. So when you get a pack it might be either or sometime 1 of each because that’s how the processor packaged it. You can always request one or the other and if we can accommodate we will! 

We have a special this month with a pork stock up option, check out the link here for all the details! 

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