What is Dry Aged Beef?

What is Dry Aged Beef?

    One of the most common questions we get asked is “what is dry aged beef”?

     Dry aging beef is so important for the flavor and tenderness of the meat. The whole carcass is hung in a temperature-controlled cooler set just above freezing. This allows the moisture to be drawn out, which is why it is called dry aging. It is also what gives dry aged beef such amazing flavor. The longer it hangs the more robust the beef flavor becomes. We like the 21–28-day range because it gives the beef great flavor without being too much. Because unless you are really into cooking it can be difficult to properly prepare an extreme dry aged beef.

     Letting the beef hang for a minimum of 21 days allows the muscle fibers time to break down which increases the tenderness. That, on top of the DNA test we do that tells us which beef will be the most tender, ensures our beef is going to give you that 5-star restaurant quality at home.

     Because the whole carcass of our beef is hung, even out ground beef is dry aged. This is extremely rare because most ground beef in the store is not even wet aged. Because so much of the moisture is already removed from the beef, at the end of cooking our ground beef, you end up with much more meat to eat.

     This was the industry standard, but it has been replaced with wet aging. Which is just like it sounds. They can hang the beef for only 24 hours then cut it into primals, vacuum seal it and ship it to the store where they cut it and sell it in roast, steaks, etc.. It is kept just above freezing during transit and this is what they call wet aging. This allows meat to be processed and moved along faster. Quality has been put to the side in favor of faster turn arounds and more money. Wet aging is why that store bought 1lb of ground beef cooks out so much more than ours. Moisture is weight and since everything is sold by the pound it works in favor of the packing plants.

     We believe that the extra time, effort, and expense is 100% worth it! The taste and quality that comes from the way we raise the beef, feed them, and process them is the whole reason we do this. If all the work, we put into this did not result in the highest quality beef then we would just continue shoeing horses.

    The truth is, we love to eat good meat, that is what started this whole adventure, and we have learned through this business that we truly love sharing that same good meat with you!

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