Why We Sell Meat

Why We Sell Meat

  Two years ago after having our first child Serina, I started learning more about nutrition and how commercial animals are raised and what they are fed, also how they are processed. This opened my eyes to what kind of food is available to the general population.  I have always lived on a farm where we raised our own beef and usually bought a hog from a neighbor, and my Grandma would share her home raised chickens with us.  So it was rare for us to have to buy meat from the store. 

  With the new knowledge I was gaining about nutrition, a heavy emphasis was being put on lean protein, such as chicken and turkey.  I have never been a huge fan of turkey, I guess because it was one meat that we never raised so it had to be bought from the store and raised by some big commercial operation.  I also didn't have all that chicken in the freezer so I was buying a lot of chicken.  I started to wonder about raising our own chicken and learned about Joel Salatin and how he raises chickens in the pasture and sells them directly to customers.  The lifestyle of a chicken being raised in the open air on fresh pasture is night and day different than that of a chicken raised on a commercial farm.  The pasture raised chicken is healthier and doesn't require antibiotics to stay alive because it has nature and all it provides to stay healthy.

  I really do believe that “we are what we eat” but also that “we are what our meat eat”.  I no longer felt comfortable buying chicken from the store to feed my family, so when we decided to try and sell our beef we figured why not add chicken and pork.  As a society we can not hope to be healthy when what we consume is unhealthy.  Especially right now when COVID is running rapid, our best defense is a healthy immune system, but how can we have that when 3 times a day we are eating products that weren't healthy to begin with, and if they require antibiotics to stay alive until processing, then we know they were not healthy!

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