2021 Goals

2021 Goals

Did you set a goal to eat healthier in 2021?

If you did, don’t let anyone tell you that isn’t a worthy goal. Because it is a great goal! Some people will tell you just because it is a hard goal in todays society that you shouldn’t even try. I disagree!

I do think that you shouldn’t give up, even if the goal isn’t going exactly as you planned. Even if maybe, you have already eaten something unhealthy.  That doesn’t mean you should stop all together.

I set a goal to build my muscles 2x a week. It was suggested to me that this wouldn’t work because working out, like eating healthy is something that tends to want to be a daily habit.  However, I know my schedule, I know my babies and I know that daily work outs are not a viable goal for me.  I am choosing to still try though. Two times a week is better than nothing in my opinion.  It is important to set an achievable goal, otherwise the first time you don’t reach the unachievable it makes you want to quit.

Now if becoming a bodybuilder was my number 1 goal then I would certainly have to make work outs my highest priority.  That is not my number 1 goal though so 2x a week is an achievable goal and will make me feel better by accomplishing it.

We want to help you reach your goals.  Eating healthier was a goal of mine a few years back.  That is what started us down this journey of raising meat for you.  I know how hard it is to find quality, healthy meat that you can trust in the store.  From us you truly get the pasture to plate, farm to fork, farm to table or as like to say ranch to belly experience! Not only do you get to shorten the chain between producer and customer, but you get to support a small business and know exactly where your food comes from.

 Even if you only eat 1 healthier meal a week, know you are doing something wonderful for yourself and your family!

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