3 reasons to buy bulk!

3 reasons to buy bulk!

Stock your freezer with our premium Timber Raised Pork! 

I know how hard it is to find pork that is raised as nature intended it to be raised, without all the added junk that is so harmful for our family’s. Like added hormones, antibiotics, and vaccines. These things that are given to the animals to keep them “healthy” are the very things making the nation unhealthy and affecting our health in ways you only learn about when you dig into research yourself. Or, you switch to proteins raised right and feel the difference in your own health! 

That is why we started raising our own pork and are so happy that we get to share that same amazing product with you! 

What is our secret? 

Well, I will tell you! It is everything! Everything that we do, affects the end product. The breeder we buy the pigs from, the pasture we choose to rotate the pigs through, the feed we choose to feed them, how we focus on low stress handling and environment for them, and finally the USDA inspected processor we choose to package the finished product for us. 

It may seem like a lot of little things that shouldn’t affect the end product, but I know that all those little things add up to the best pork you have ever had! 

Just look at what our customers have to say about it! 

Why should you buy a half or whole? 

Bacon, bacon, bacon! Jk, kinda! It is without a doubt the best way to get some bacon at a steal of a deal! 

The #1 reason I would buy proteins in bulk is the peace of mind it provides. There is a old saying that “meat in the freezer is money in the bank” and when I heard that I couldn’t agree more with it! When you have a freezer stocked with quality protein, you know you are going to be well fed and taken care of! No wondering if the store is going to be stocked, you know you are stocked! And with way better meat then you can get in the store. 

The 2nd reason I would buy bulk, would be the connivence! You absolutely cannot beat being able to walk to your freezer and pull out meat to feed your family that you know they will love! 

The 3rd and final reason I would buy meat in bulk, is the cost savings! If you were to buy this quantity priced out by the cut, it would be 25-30% more! No more waiting for meat to go on sale or that big Black Friday Sale. You have a sale with bulk meat all the time! 

So, now you know the meat is going to make you and your family feel great, you know its going to make your life easier, and you know your family will love it! 

Put in your DEPOSIT today to make sure you are stocked and ready to go! 

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