And it all started with…

And it all started with…

The funny thing about what actually got us started in this business had less to do with the nutrient qualities of home raised meat and more to do with the taste. Also, it had less to do with health and more to do with fitness. 

Shortly after becoming a new mom, I wanted to lose the baby weight like many new moms are worried about, so I started a work out and macro eating program. Part of that eating program was increasing my protein without adding too many extra calories in fat so I could also have cheese or avocados without going over my macros. So, the common high protein, lower fat protein of choice is chicken. 

We had never ate much chicken before because it was never Cameron’s favorite and we didn’t raise it so it wasn’t conveniently in our freezer like beef or the pork we got from the neighbor. Suddenly though, I was given all these new recipes that used chicken and made it tolerable for Cameron and helped me to slim down a bit. 

It only took a couple months of buying chicken before I started wondering about raising our own. At this point, I don’t really remember how we found Joel Salatin and his chicken tractor method of raising chickens. But we did find him and I immediately bought his book, that not only details his process but brings up this concept of selling the chicken and other proteins direct to consumers. 

It was all over from there as they say. I convinced Cameron to raise 75 chickens and WOW! The smell, texture and flavor difference was out of this world! Not to mention it was the first time I really stoped to think about how commercial meat is raised and how it ends up in the store. Once I started thinking about and researching that I knew I could never go back to store bought meat. 

There is much that the consumer doesn’t know about the commercial raising of the products in the grocery stores. This is partly because every farmer/rancher will do things different to an extent, based on the circumstances they are handed, such as weather, environment and cost of raising product. 

That is why I share so much about out process! I don’t want you to have any questions about the meat you get from us. I want you to know what it was fed, what environment it was raised and how we treat them. There should be no questions if the animal was given antibiotics or hormones. Or if it was raised in the most natural way possible with fresh air and room to roam in the pasture/timber. 

These things became important to me because of my continuing health journey. I have since learned that not only does home raised meat taste better, but it the most nutrient dense source of calories there is. So this means, the amount of vitamins and minerals along with protein and fat that your body and actually absorb and use in each bite of quality meat far exceeds those you can get from a bottle or even that salad promised to make you lose 10lbs. 

Currently I am more focused on feeding my body the most nutrients possible from nature so it can function at its highest potential. So that means eating quality animal proteins, quality dairy, and root vegetables from local farms. I have become less concerned with my size and more focused on my energy, quality of sleep, gut health, and overall feeling better! 

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