The Story of our Continuing Health Journey

The Story of our Continuing Health Journey

The start of the new year brings me back to doing a little reflection of the past year and only a little further back to the when, and why we started this business. The truth is, we started it because of our own health journey. Surprisingly, quality meat was not the first step of our health journey, it took a couple years to get there actually. 

I have always been into health and fitness, more health than fitness if I’m being honest. I would work out some but never to be a body builder or anything. Eating “good” however has always been something I tried to do. Now I put good in quotes because what is considered good these days has gotten very confusing and I might even venture to say controversial. 

What I have done the last 4-5 years is continue to educate myself, when I hear something that is supposed to be “good” for me, I research it and try and find out what the other side is saying about it. Because, there is always another side of the coin. Then I have gone off how I feel, and my life experiences to decide if that fits in with what I know to be true. 

What is is interesting about looking back on all of this, I can say it all started with 2 horse shoeing students in 2018 when I was pregnant with Serina. Naturally, when you know you are about to become a parent you start looking a little deeper into your life and daily actions. What these 2 students shared with me was simply that store bought bread is preserved with human hair. Now, if you are like me and just about everyone else I have told that to, you are grossed out and will immediately go google it. Well, I encourage you to google it because that will confirm it. 

That little tidbit of information got me wondering “what else do they allow in our food and products?”. Well needless to say it has been an upward climb from there. I stopped buying bread after that and my Mother in Law gave me some great recipes for bread and I started with that. 

The more and more I dug into ingredients and learning about the food system and our governments apparent disregard with what we fuel our body with, the further and further I have gotten from the stores. That isn’t to say we never go to the store, we do, I am horrible at a garden and preserving stuff in the summer still. Maybe one day I will get there, but I have learned to take things one day at a time and just do my best that day. 

Another thing that I learned soon after the bread and was super simple to cut out and made a huge impact in our lives, was about the fragrances in just about everything that “smells good”. I don’t think it is much of a secret anymore but fragrances are made out of any number/combo of chemicals and the company’s don’t have to tell you what they use because they are considered “trade secrets”. The problem with that is, your skin is your largest organ and anything you put on your skin goes into your body. Synthetics chemicals like fragrances are a known endocrine disrupters. Just like with the bread, do a little of your own research and see if you use any products that could be disrupting your hormones and all that they do for your body. 

I hope you find this information as impactful on your life as I did. If you have any questions or need product recommendations to avoid the chemicals feel free to reach out to me! I have learned so much over the last few years and love to share! 

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Hi, nice blog! I haven’t eaten any bread in over a year for some reason I choke on it. I don’t miss it at all. Now to concure sugar. I don’t do the fake sugar,at all it is so bad tasting . Honey is a great substitute. Anyway see ya in the spring!


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