Big Step Forward for Us!

Big Step Forward for Us!

We have some exciting new boxes with insulated liners that I wanted to share with you all.

The liners are called Green Cell Foam and made from US-grown Non-GMO Corn, they are 100% compostable and dissolvable! Now when you order from us you can take the liners and either add them to your compost pile or dissolve them in water in your sink. Watch this video on how to dissolve it on their website 

One of the best features about these liners is they work great! They keep our meat frozen solid just like the Styrofoam.  I have done a few experiments here at the house and we have sent a few boxes out to test there worth and are happy to report back they worked wonderfully!

We are super excited about these new liners; we were only using the Styrofoam because we came across a few of them and it was an easy place to start. These liners feel like a big step in the direction we really want to go. We work hard on the ranch raising our pasture meat to help the land and environment. It felt off for us to use the Styrofoam, but everyone must start somewhere.  I am just incredibly happy we did not have to use that many and have found a better option.


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