Little Update on the Ranch

Little Update on the Ranch

The beautiful spring weather has us hopping around like crazy people!

Cameron had a birthday this week, he is now 30 and I get to give him a hard time about being old 😊

The cows are out on pasture and getting moved every day to fresh green grass. Most of them have babies on their sides with just a few left to calve any day now. We are moving them over the properties fast by giving them a lot of acres, so they hopefully only graze the tops. Unfortunately, the cows do not always listen and like to graze the clover to the ground while leaving some other grasses untouched. Guess they did not read our grazing manual that grazing the tops keeps the grass growing.

The pigs are living it up in the shade of the timber and the mud puddles we make for them when the rain does not. We just picked up another 8 little piglets and are working on training them to the hotwire so they can move out into the timber soon.

Β The chickens are 2 weeks old and moving out the grass as soon as we can complete the chicken tractors! I knew when we started the chicken tractors a month before we even had chickens that finishing the tractors would still come to the very last moment. It is okay though, as long as they get done and all the animals stay fat and happy.

The chicken tractors are on our to do list today after returning from the Greater Springfield Farmers Market this morning. The famers market finally had some beautiful weather today and the crowd was impressive. We really enjoy getting to connect with our customers and meet the other wonderful vendors at the market. There are some super nice people we get to set up our table to every Saturday.

For the first time in my life, we took organized family photos last weekend. I have never thought that I would care to do that. However, I must say I am incredibly happy that we did! Some of the pictures feel like real treasures to me and I know that I will look back on them and remember my babies as babies when they are all grown up. I also hope one day my babies will look back on the pictures and remember how much we love them.

We have another busy week ahead between shoeing horses and taking care of the animals. I hope to get some more consistent work done on the computer, but that is always the last thing to get done.

I sincerely wish everyone a terrific first week of May 2021! Thank you for being here with us on this journey.

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How about posting some of those family photos you mention? By the way, that pork roast we got from you guys last night was amazing. Thank you.

Chris Gregory

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