Chickens moved out to grass!

Chickens moved out to grass!

The chickens are outside and loving it!

The weather finally started to cooperate long enough that we could get the chicks outside and onto the grass. We had to wait until the rain stopped for a couple days and we were sure the sun would shine to make the transfer as easy as possible for them. I wanted to share a short little blog with you about why we raise the chickens outside like we do. There are a few reasons.

First off, chickens create a lot of poop, like A LOT! So, we like to utilize that fertilizer for our pastures. It is truly amazing to see the grass green up where the chickens just were, and the animals will always go there first to eat the grass. Also, by allowing them to poop outside that saves us a ton of money that would be spent on adding clean shaving and scooping out poop if we raised them 100% inside.

Secondly, by being raised outside they have the fresh clean air that comes along in the breeze. Because of all the poop chickens pass along, they are not the cleanest and freshest smelling animals when locked up inside. It is better all around that they have fresh air all the time.

Third, being outside gives them plenty of room to move around and bugs to chase that encourage them to do so. Its part of the reason we move them to fresh grass every day, so they always have a fresh supply of them!

Overall being outside is better for us, better for you, better for them and better for the land. It might be a little more work to move them to the fresh grass everyday, then if we just left them inside and fed them. However, it is worth every effort that we make, for the health of the birds and the health of you.

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Good info we are going to get a chicken or 2 now I have the perfect spot for them.


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