My Mommas recipe for Chinese Steaks

My Mommas recipe for Chinese Steaks

Chinese Steak

When I want to make sure Cameron is happy, I will make him this recipe! It also was my favorite growing up. It is easy and so yummy! Top Sirloin is one of the tastiest steaks and is super tender.



2lb CJW Top Sirloin Steak

4 Eggs

¼- ½ Cup Milk (I have to use nondairy for Cameron lately)

¾ - 1 Cup Flour

Oil for Frying (I use Lard)


Cut the steak into 1-inch squares. Season with salt and pepper.

Put the eggs, flour and milk in a bowl and whisk.

Heat up a cast iron skillet with your choice of oil.

Put the steaks in the egg batter and mix.

Add the steaks to the oil and fry until golden brown.


I hope you guys enjoy this meal as much as we do! I also have this recipe on a card and if you order a Top Sirloin I will add the card!

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