CJW Referral Program

CJW Referral Program

We have started a new referral program and here are 3 quick reasons you will want to jump into it! I know you are already spreading the word, so I wanted to set up something to say thank you.


  1. Earn a 15% discount for yourself!

When you refer a friend to us, just have them mention your name and you will get 15% off your next order! These are crazy times with prices of everything on the rise, so I know every little bit counts!

  1. Introducing your friends to healthy, tasty and high-quality meat will make you their favorite!

Just as bonus, they will love you even more for setting them up with their own personal rancher!

  1. You will be helping us grow and thrive!

It is no secret that word of mouth is the best advertising around. I personally rarely buy something that wasn’t referred to me by a trusted source. So just by mentioning us to your friends will help us grow more than any thing so we can be your personal ranchers forevermore!

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