Drum roll please….

Drum roll please….

The moment we have all been waiting for…or maybe its just me who has been waiting! 

Cows are finally out on grass! 

It is about a week later then we were out grazing last year, but we also left less grass this fall/winter then we did the previous. We needed to graze it all this fall/winter to keep us from feeding too much, so its little of trade off but I am happy with where we are right now. 

Some might call me crazy but I love moving the cows to fresh grass everyday! 

It honestly isn’t a chore for me. I love to see how much they ate, how much is left, how much is ahead of them. And what I really love to see right now is all the cute babies :) 

I am passing that love of babies onto the kids because they wake up so excited to see if there’s any new ones! 

For our climate, right now we graze the cows on larger pastures and move them quickly through the whole property. 

The idea is that they will eat only the tops and stimulate the grass to grow thicker and more then if we just left it alone for the entire year, or if we let the cows graze it 365. And it really does! It’s amazing to go back just a couple days and see the regrowth this time of year. In only 2-3 days you can see inches of new growth and you know that it will just continue to grow with the beautiful sunshine and hopefully the rain! 

After we make a pass through all the acres we will come back to where we started and because the grass will be taller and thicker we will give the cows smaller pastures and increase the rest time for all the other pastures. 

I can’t wait to see the pastures 10 years from now and see the changes they will make! For now, I just have to believe in the process! 

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Kind of glad you changed your days. Less traffic😊 Will see you soon for ground beef and guanciale!

Colleen & Danny

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