Is There Really a Turkey Shortage?

Is There Really a Turkey Shortage?

Have you heard of the turkey shortage? According to many news outlets there is a huge turkey shortage this year. Partially due to the avian flu that has killed around 6million turkeys according to the Washington Post.

In that article they have a picture of a turkey farm in Ohio and the birds are outside but there must be a 1000+ of them and they are all bunched up together. I don’t know the details of their lives or diets but that sure seems like a lot of birds in one spot to me. Knowing how much manure our birds produce make me wonder how healthy these birds can be to start with. They maybe outside but if they are still living in filth and on top of one another, that is not going to make for a strong healthy bird.

It seems to be accepted that thanksgiving turkeys are going to be more expensive this year. So, I went and looked up a couple brands that raise turkeys similar to us and what they are charging. Diesel is getting $10/lb for non-GMO regenerative raised birds like ours. Also, Diesel is in that article by the Washington Post because they lost 150,000 birds to the flu. Heritage is getting $14/lb for pasture raised birds that could be raised like the ones in that picture. They don’t really go into detail on how the birds are raised.

It makes a difference how the animals are raised, what kind of space they are given to live, and what they are fed. All these things work together to make them either naturally healthy or unhealthy and susceptible to disease.

Our birds are given plenty of room to roam, we raise such a small batch that they get the space, grass, and bugs to help their natural immunity. When raised as nature intended, they are healthy so that you know what you are feeding your family is healthy. It maybe a poor quality photo but you can see all the room that our turkeys get to thrive in! They are also incredibly delicious!

Only 1 week left to get your turkey pre ordered for the discounted price of only $7/lb.

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