It’s a pigs life

It’s a pigs life

It is has been one of the best things we did for this property to bring pigs in! They get to those places that the other animals can’t, it’s really incredible! Next week I hope to get a before and after picture of the timber that we first started the pigs in. It’s thick and lush with grass right now, like it never was before. 

On top of the way they have helped to clear out our timber, they get to live the best life and that translates to the best meat! 

We had no idea what we were doing when we brought pigs in other then watching 1-2 YouTube videos and going with the good ol “figure it out” mentality. Thankfully, pigs are pretty simple and really don’t like hot wire. So, once they are trained to the hot wire they do really well. 

We did have one batch last year that didn’t get trained to the wire very good and they escaped all the time. We were just lucky enough that they didn’t take off too far. Though we did get a call one time asking us if our pigs were like 5 miles down the road…talk about a freak out moment! We raced back to the pigs and made sure they were all in. I have no idea if a pig could/would travel that far, and I hope to never find out lol! 

Pigs like to run and rut around just as much as they like to lay about and nap under the shed in the cool morning and in the mud holes in the hot afternoons. If you go out to the pigs before 10am they are likely still sleeping. I don’t if they stay up late or what, but they sure like to sleep in, in the mornings. 

We have the perfect environment for them in our SW MO timber, its shady but they sun comes through to warm them. There is a lot of hickory tress and they absolutely love the hickory nuts. There is deadfall that brings in grubs and such, they always go for the rotten dead fall and rut it all up looking for whatever they like from it. Then there are blackberry briars and rose bushes that they like to munch on their roots. 

On top of all of that, they get a Non-GMO supplemented feed that makes sure they have all the nutrients that they need to grow healthy and taste amazing! 

We don’t feed our pigs scraps because we want to make sure they have a consistent and delicious flavor. The feed and environment play the biggest role in that! 

There are four pigs going to processing May 15th and we have some halves/wholes available for sell! This is absolutely the best way to stock your freezer with our premium meat and get bacon at a HUGE discount! You also get to choose exactly what cuts you want and how you want them and what flavors of sausage you want. Check out our Bulk Meat options for the details! Or contact me if you have any questions. 

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