Pasture Raised NON-GMO Turkey Growing Season!

Pasture Raised NON-GMO Turkey Growing Season!

It is hard to believe that is already time to move the turkeys out to pasture! Which also means a new batch of chickens are coming in this week! Thankfully the fresh rain this morning will make setting up the turkey Hotwire easier! 

Little fun fact, turkeys are Camerons favorite animal to raise regenerative like we do, well its between them and the pigs. Like all our animals, the turkeys thrive in their natural environment! They get to spend their days eating bugs and grass. Then they spend their nights roosted on the special turkey shelter Cameron and James built for them last year. 

Because of the extra work we do to keep fresh land in front of them by moving them every few days they make the absolute best Thanksgiving turkey you have ever had! 

This is our 3rd year doing them and we have had nothing but wonderful reviews! 

We pre sell them with a $20 non refundable deposit. Then after they are processed I will coordinate with you on how best to get them to you, we offer shipping, on farm pick up, or local delivery. Get your Pasture Raised Non-Gmo Thanksgiving Turkey Here!

Our Pasture Raised Turkeys are:

  1. Regenerative pasture raised 
  2. Non-GMO 
  3. Naturally healthy 
  4. No antibiotics, hormones, or vaccines 
  5. Small craft USDA butcher 
  6. Vac sealed packaging
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