All about Ranch Club!

All about Ranch Club!

Cameron took over the grocery shopping in our house after Serina was born. It started because he didn’t want her in the store when she was little and exposed to germs, he’s kinda a germaphob lol. I just went with it cause who really wants to grocery shop? Anyways, even when she got older he still wanted to do the shopping, claiming he was faster and better at it. This better idea he has comes from the fact that I would request 1 item of something and he would come back with 5. His reasoning was so we wouldn’t run out and have to go back to the store in 2 days. 

I will admit I was a little annoyed at first, but I rolled my eyes and as long as I didn’t have to do the shopping let him do as he wished. Well, now I agree with his idea and its also why I like buying the things I can on subscription! It is so nice to not run out of the essentials or have to remember to go online when your almost out. 

I personally have a few items that we use every month on subscription and it makes my life so much easier! There a few companies that I wish would start a subscription so I wouldn’t have to go online and buy when we run out. 

Here are a few reasons I think Ranch Club would be a good fit for you! 

Reasons to sign up for Ranch Club! 

  • Pain free grocery shopping. 
  • Keep your freezer stocked with our premium regenerative Non-GMO Dry Aged Beef, Timber Raised Pork and Green Grass Chicken. 
  • Customize your box with your favorite cuts.
  • Ranch Club gets 1st priority on all cuts. Once you tell me your favorites I make sure to keep those for your upcoming boxes. 
  • Flexible subscription. Pause, cancel or change anytime. 
  • Free shipping on all boxes.
  • Add additional items and not pay shipping on them.






FAQ about Ranch Club 

  1. What if I need to skip a box? 

There is a customer portal that you can manage your subscription anytime to pause, change or cancel your box. We are also happy to hold a box for you if your out of town when it is due. 

  1. How is it shipped?

We ship all our boxes in curbside recyclable insulated boxes with dry ice to keep the product frozen. We ship UPS and boxes will arrive 24-48 hours after we ship. 

  1. Can I change the size, frequency, or type of box? 

You can change anything about your box at anytime! 

  1. Can I order for local/famers market pick up? 

Yes! We are at the Downtown Bentonville Farmers Market every Saturday April-October and can deliver locally to Lamar MO. 

  1. When will my box ship? 

Your box will ship the first Monday following billing. You will receive an email a week before your card is charged if you need to change anything about your order. 

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