5 Tips To Make Meal Time Easier!

5 Tips To Make Meal Time Easier!

Do you struggle coming up with meals to cook?

I kinda feel like that is a rhetorical question because I think all of us struggle with that. It is so easy to just cook the same things every week till you get tired of them. Then all of a sudden you forget what other meals you like and can make. At least that’s where I am currently!

Now, in this busy season of summer and 3 little ones I am relying heavily on quick and easy meals. And to be honest there are lots of opinions out there! Here are my 5 top tips for making dinner time decisions easier!

  1. Lay out 2-4 different cuts of meat in the fridge. Don’t have a plan for them, just pull them out to have them unthawed and ready.
  2. At least 1 night should be something easy on the grill. Like Pork Chops, Sirloin Steaks, Chicken Leg Quarters or Burgers are some of our go to’s.
  3. Don’t forget the simplicity and ease of roast. Our favorites are Pork Butts, Beef Shanks and Whole Chickens.
  4. Smoking meat is super easy and extra delicious! We love Briskets, Tri-Tips, Whole Chickens and of course Pork Butts!
  5. All ground products make for the easiest and tastiest meals! I always have some Dry Aged Ground Beef ready to make burritos or nachos in a crunch! Lately it has been all the amazing veggies stir fried with either Ground Pork or Sausage and served over rice!

All of the meals take the same amount of time as going to a restaurant. The main difference is we know what is in each part of these meals and they taste 100x better than what we can get in town!

We have decided the most simple meal at home is better than the most expensive meal out. It’s healthier, easier and tastier!

Now this isn’t to say we never eat out, because sometimes we do. Sometimes I didn’t get that protein smoked or the bread baked for us to take sandwiches out shoeing. But little by little we are eating out less and feeling so much better for it!

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