What makes our Non-GMO Pasture Raised Turkeys Regenerative?

What makes our Non-GMO Pasture Raised Turkeys Regenerative?

The regenerative movement is becoming a big one, and I am so happy it is! It is about raising animals as they should be and treating the land with the respect it deserves. It is about giving the land rest between grazes, working to graze it the right amount of time and grazed at the right length to encourage forage growth vs stressing and killing forage. 

It is about helping the environment by sequestering carbon with the living roots year around or as close to year around as nature allows. It is about helping the earth and soil vs just using and abusing it.  

So, how do we do that with our turkeys? 

We move them every few days to fresh patches of pasture so that they aren’t over burdening any one area. It is why their pen is Hotwire that is easily moved and their shelter is built on a trailer. This keeps them from killing the plants by being in one area too long and turning their pen to dirt. 

The added benefit to this for the land is that turkey manure is rich in nutrients. So, where ever they go and poop the land gets a extra dose of nutrients. This spring, where the turkeys had been last fall, the grass was the thickest, greenest and the grazing animals ate it first! That is all the sign I need to know the turkeys are doing their part to regenerate the soil. 

We also help the land by moving the turkeys to different parts of the ranch every year and having cows/horses graze those spots the other times of the year. They also recycle the nutrients though their manure.

One other thing we do with our animals that regenerates the soils is we don’t deworm with commercial chemical dewormers. The typical commercial dewormers will kill any bug that comes along to eat the manure. The bugs are apart of the recycling process to get the nutrients into the soil so when they get killed, it messes with the process and harms the soil.  

So, not only is our turkey a dinning treat for your foodie friends and family, you can also brag about how they are working to help the environment!

P.S. I looked up the price of a regenerative non-gmo turkey from Diestel and they are getting $10+/lb plus shipping. That makes ours a steal at only $7/lb! 

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