Thanksgiving with a CJW Pino Ranch Regenerative Turkey!

Thanksgiving with a CJW Pino Ranch Regenerative Turkey!

Thanksgiving! Some people can’t wait till the one day of the year they get to eat a Turkey, some people could care less. 

I have to be completely honest with you…Thanksgiving never really seemed that special to me growing up. It was just another holiday, from about 13-22 years old thanksgiving meant one of the bigger breakaway ropings of the year. Now, that was exciting for me cause I loved to rope and I didn’t particularly care about eating turkey. In fact, I would never eat the turkey if I had an option. 

Now, that has all changed! Thanksgiving is one of my favorite days, I don’t rope much anymore so I’m not worried about missing out on the roping. We now spend it with all my family in KS. My aunts and Grandma cook up one of our turkeys, a ham, and sometimes a prime rib! Our kids get to play with cousins and we get to enjoy time with everyone! It’s quite the crowd these days and growing every year with new spouses and babies! 

One of the greatest joys I have in this season of being an adult and raising babies is getting to become adult friends with my cousins and their spouses! It wasn’t something you think about as a kid playing with your cousins but wow! It has been a highlight for me these last few years. 

So, now I really love thanksgiving and I really love our turkeys! There is just so much peace of mind and enjoyment I get out of eating a meal and knowing where it comes from. The source makes such a huge difference in flavor, juiciness and tenderness! I have been asked what it is that we do to make such a difference in the meat. And the answer to that is everything. Everything we do is different than the commercial model, its focused on the health of the animal by creating a healthy environment for them to grow as nature intended them too. Because our way of raising them in so different, the end product is so different and because they are raised in a natural healthy environment, they will help you become healthier! Every thing we put into our bodies affects it, that affect can be positive, or it can be negative, and what the animals have been given, what they are fed, where they live and how they are handled all makes a difference!

But beyond that is the mental side. Knowing that the turkey was healthy, no hormones, no antibiotics, no vaccines, and living in wide open spaces. Just wow!  No steps can be skipped to end up with the best thanksgiving turkey you have ever had! 

Get yours pre ordered and know what you are feeding your friends and family is the best!

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