Air Fryed Chicken Legs with Honey Garlic Sauce

Air Fryed Chicken Legs with Honey Garlic Sauce

With the busy holiday season, we are in I wanted to share a super easy and incredibly delicious recipe that we made just last night. Cameron had set out some of our Chicken Legs and had planned on smoking them but got busy making Serina’s gift, so I air fried them and…Oh My Goodness Gracious!

I took a quick bite as I was getting the kids plates ready and just WOW, the flavor is totally out of this world! All I seasoned them with was salt and oregano, I honestly didn’t expect them to be quite that amazing plain like that. So, I had made a little honey garlic sauce for them, but really did not need it.

Here is the simple instructions and recipe for the sauce, also super easy!

Air Fried Chicken Legs

2 packs of CJW Chicken Legs (8 legs)

Once thawed, pat dry and put salt and oregano on all around.

I put all 8 in our Insta-pot air fryer set up on the ends.

Fry at 400 for 16-30 min. You can turn them, or I did not this time and nothing burned.

Check that they internal temp is 165 degrees then enjoy!


Honey Garlic Sauce

2 T Olive Oil

4 Big Garlic cloves diced

2 T Local Raw Honey

¼ cup coconut amino acids/soy sauce

1 T arrowroot powder


Add oil to a pan, add diced garlic and let it sauté for a min.

Add the honey and bring to a slight boil.

Add coconut amino acids and let simmer for a minute.

Blend a little water with your arrowroot and remove pan from heat.

Add the arrowroot to sauce too thicken it.

Put a little on your Chicken legs and enjoy! Also, super good to dip your potatoes in!

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