Our Wedding Story

Our Wedding Story

This week Cameron and I celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary! With each anniversary it brings back the memories of that special day so I wanted to share a little of that story with you.

There is always a little sadness mixed in with the celebration of our wedding and that is because only a month before, Cameron’s Dad passed away in a tragic vehicle accident. We had only been dating about 5 months when he got the call one morning and I will never forget that day. Cameron was very close to his Dad and only 24yrs old.

Well, we immediately booked the first flights we could to Mexico to be with the family and left that afternoon. Even though we had not been together very long we knew we were meant for each other and there was no way I wasn’t going to be by his side through all of it. We ended up staying in Mexico to take care of things on the ranch for a month with only the few things we brought and no truck. It had been decided that Cameron would stay in Mexico and take care of the ranch and his Mom until one of his older brothers could arrange things to move down permanently. So, we needed to make a return trip to Missouri to pick up clothes and Cameron’s truck.

We decided to go ahead and get married on our short weekend trip to Missouri. We arrived on Thursday and Cameron asked my Dads permission and proposed to me that day. Cameron had made my ring weeks before his Dad passed with the help of my brother who had been through the process before making his wife ring. Then on Saturday we were married with the most beautiful wedding I could have ever imagined!

We had family and friends make the last-minute trip from NM, UT, MX, LA, KS, and OK. It blew my mind so many people were able to make it and help us celebrate. My Moms family lives in KS only about 2 hours away, my Aunts and Grandma are incredible decorators and party throwers and they got together and made the day look like it took months to plan instead of only hours.

On Sunday we went with Cameron’s Mom and long-time friend from UT to see Branson because it was somewhere his Mom had always wanted to go. We had a great day then on Monday we started the 18-hour drive to MX where we stayed for about 5 months before Cameron decided we should move back to MO and start our lives here. The ranch had lost a lot of its draw and magic without his Dad there.

My Dad likes to joke that we had a 5-month honeymoon in MX. While he isn’t entirely wrong, it wasn’t what most people think about when you say MX and honeymoon. We were living in the old ranch house without electricity or running water. It was like camping with a roof and soft bed. We really did enjoy our time there and that is where I learned to quilt from Cameron’s Mom, something I still love to do when I get a free time.

Through it all I know God has been guiding us along the path He has planned for us, and that brings me great peace! It has been an amazing 7 years and I can’t even imagine what is in store for us in the next 7 years!

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Thanks for sharing your beautiful story! It brought tears to my eyes and a prayer on my heart. I’m SO thankful to know you. We are now permanently in Missouri. Will be by soon to check in with you. God Bless!!

Susan Majestic

Thank you for sharing the sweet and bittersweet story of your wedding! That was a wonderful way to begin your marriage! Happy Anniversary!


Have a Happy and Blessed Anniversary


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