What you can benefit from buying meat from a skilled producer.

What you can benefit from buying meat from a skilled producer.

Ever wonder what benefits there are to buying your meat directly from a skilled producer?

 One of the biggest benefits for you is the undeniable quality of the meat. There is a lot that goes into producing high quality meat.  How the animal was treated, what it was fed, and the environment it was raised in to name a few.  Luckily, with today’s social media, you don’t have to live on a farm to see how your meat came to be on your table. 

 You can turn every meal into a fantastic dining experience simply by knowing where your meat came from.  I believe the peace of mind that comes from knowing and building a relationship with your producer makes the meat taste better, like the beautiful taste of a steak made over a campfire compared to a TV dinner.  In the past when I had to buy sausage, I almost couldn’t eat it.  I kept wondering “what was this pig fed? What kind of medicines was it given? Was it happy in its little pen? How many times was it handled by someone who cared about it?  Was the meat safely stored or partially unthawed?”.  To me these are logical questions that I may not have wanted to know the answer to for that single pound of sausage.  However, when I ask those questions about our sausage I know the answers.  And now, so can you! 

 While it is sad to say good bye to our animals when it is time to process them, I believe that God blessed us with them for our benefit so I am thankful for their life .

I know when I brown sausage in the morning for breakfast burritos, the pig it came from was fed quality NON GMO feed. It was never given medicine that might have an unknown affect on my family or me. It lived in the trees with plenty of room to move and root around like they enjoy.  It was treated carefully and respectfully, and only had to go to 1 place before it ended up in my freezer.  Buy some meat from a local producer so you can know what this feels like if you don’t believe me.  You won’t regret it!

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